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Feb 12, 2013 9:00pm EST
also wanted to work with this congress to encourage the research and technology that helped natural gas burn even cleaner and protects our air and our water. in fact much of or new found energy are from land and walls that we, the public own together. i propose some of those revenues to fund an energy security trust that will drive new research and technology to shift our cars and trucks off of oil for good. it's a non-coalition of admirals and ceos can get behind the idea we can g together. it will keep us from the painful spikes in gas prize that we have put up with too long. will let cut in half the energy wasted by our homes and businesses in half in the next 20 years. >> we'll work with the states to do it. those states were had a have the best energy by more efficient building will receive federal support to help make that happen. america's energy sector is just one part of an aging infrastructure badly in need of repair. ask any ceo where had he would like locate and hire, a country with deteriorate roads and bridges but one with high-tech schools and self-healing power grids. ce
Feb 18, 2013 6:00am EST
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Feb 12, 2013 11:30pm EST
. it tolls for thee. so my only makeup?story betrue match.n. with 33 shades, l'oreal's technology matches your skin's tone and undertone. there's only one true match for me. true match from l'oreal. we have some delicious chateaubriand-- my personal favorite. or if you prefer something lighter, a poached dover sole in a delicate white wine sauce with just a hint of saffron. oh, saffron. that sounds good. and today, we're featuring wines from the tuscany region. tuscany! tuscany! hi. can i get to my seat? you're just going to have to wait. no, but i-- i'm right there. you just passed it. i'm sitting next to that guy. you're not supposed to get up during the food service. well, nobody told me that. look. this plane is full. i got a lot of people to serve. now, please. you'll just have to wait. there it is, gate 46. plenty of time. grossbard's plane leaves in 10 minutes. there's still time to catch him. how? he probably boarded the plane already. quick. your credit card. my credit card? the card. don't ask any questions. not unless you tell me what it's for. for a ticket to get on that fligh
Feb 15, 2013 10:00pm EST
to the where sppce mages and technology are on displaa... 3 (littte boy))an asterood woold galaxy heading towards eerth" 3 (younger brother )"i think alot of people are fraid of alien invasions and stuff like that"(older brother)(motionn) "its rom the asteroid belt, it cooes ddwn" the asteroid -3 traveeed a well ppedicted path according to the wwrld's too sccentists::momm"iithinkk ts pretty cool...sse whats gonna happen"(littll boy)"i uess i hit me or.. where we live.""- the asteroid is going tt pass safelyyby the earth and all space assets are safe.. the ppace station and weather thing is its coming wiihin 17 thousand milee of the surface of the eertt and thats clossr &pthen those wwather satellitees - orbit."----cairns tand up for 10 pm only---- sciennistt half billion years oll and to -3 sizeeof his parking lot." 33& by capturiin these imaaes - scientiissshope to understand more about the asteroid's cheeical composition.. aad its rotation ssate. (scientiist"and it is going to pass etween our satellitee and the surface of he earth -33 but there will b
Feb 16, 2013 6:00am EST
center is eeallating 2-thousanddpaaients suffering from depression. -33 the new technology will let doctor's compare rain scans peterminn if there's a depressants ann increased suicide rates among service meebers.. 3 if you're planning a -3 weeding.... you know it's &palmost impossible to stickkto a budget.onn organiztion is hopiig to help you doojust -&pthatt.. while giving back to aa streaming nnwwfrom the 3& the brides - against breast cancer nationwide tour of owns gets 33 3 show timeesare this afternooo from 10 tt 5, and tickets are 5 dollars per perron.marianne? 33 3 3 & 3 3 3 in this mooning's health cceck...doctors keep a baby boyyalive... by áfreezingá hhm was racing attmmre than 3- hundred beets per minute... him....wrappeddhimmin a blanket filed with cooling teemerature o abbut ninnty-one degrees. p3&p:18 ccmpbell sayy: " whattwe call thii is inducedd hypothermia. basically ww cool & hhebody o 92 degrees and -3 it's used in adults as welll. aad it preserves brain function and preserves organ ffnction in ssttings
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5